By providing an extensive product range that includes workstations, carousels and lockable cabinets alongside the traditional shelving solutions, Pharmashelve storage systems have been specified and installed into a large number of health centres and hospitals throughout the world.

The flexible design of Pharmashelve, combined with its modular features, makes it perfect for new build or refurbishment applications for both hospitals and health centres and installations have taken place at many locations across the United Kingdom including the leading hospital St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton.

The simplicity of the design combined with the large number of variations now available, ensures that the system can easily meet the requirement of any mayor hospital installation and the large stock holding capabilities at Pharmashelve makes it ideal for short deadline projects.

Whilst the design of Pharmashelve originally had the needs of the smaller installations in mind, recent installations and global developments has made it clear that Pharmashelve is flexible and durable enough to satisfy the needs of the most demanding international clients as well as the local health centre.

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